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VS Mozart and Martinis July 28 2023 ©KevinLightPhoto _EVL8047.JPG

  Maria Fuller

Conductor | Pianist | Composer

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VS Mozart and Martinis July 28 2023 ©KevinLightPhoto _EVL8032.JPG

"Her bright, volatile personality, and rich imagination make the orchestra shine. She tells stories full of colors and vivid images. At the same time, she is specific, she can both persistently pursue, and let go. From the very beginning, Maria Fuller aroused respect with her technique, precise gestures and sensitivity to detail. She radiated energy."

Ruch Muzyczny
The 11th Fitelberg International Conducting Competition, Katowice, Poland

"Maria Fuller conducted with subtle control, careful focus and thorough professionalism."

"...she was kind and generous to the full orchestra, the singers and to us in the audience."

"On the podium she is classy, at times sassy and sensuous, at times quiet, grounded and cool. She is a class act and the TBSO is indeed fortunate to have her here this season."

The Chronicle Journal
Thunder Bay

"...led by the fiery and dynamic, Maria Fuller."

The Walleye Magazine
Thunder Bay

"Conductor Maria Fuller had the orchestra and ensemble at the best the Saskatoon Opera has seen in years."



Maria Fuller, [was] a proud and radiant farm girl from Saskatchewan. She explained the music in a way even I could understand. Her stage presence and obvious mastery of her craft captivated the gathered assemblage. During the musical pieces, she coaxed the best from the violin and cello players, deftly bringing each of them into the songs.


Ross Ramblings 
Niagara Now

VS Mozart and Martinis July 28 2023 ©KevinLightPhoto _EVL8032.JPG


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