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"RESOLUTION" No. 1 FROM Fractals
   For piano, trumpet and full string section
   (Also available as a piano and trumpet sonata)
   Time: 9'

"Waves of Grief"
     2222-4331 - T+3 - pno - str   
     Time: 8'


Waves of Grief

"March for AI"
 Awaken & Assemble
    2222-4331 - T+3 - pno - str   
    Time: 6'


March for AI - Awaken and Assemble

Symphonic + Choral

NOTE: These are MIDI recordings, with only one female voice singing all parts.

"Portraits of the Living God Almighty"

     0*220-2200 - timp - kybd - str  - SATB choir - SATB soloists
     (2nd ob is eh)

      i. In the Beginning | Domine Deus
      ii. The Glory of God | Gloria
      iii. The Lamb of God | Agnus Dei

      iv. The Son of God | Crucifixus
v. The Mercy of God | Kyrie Eleison
      vi. The  Throne Room 
of God | Sanctus
      vii. The Resurrection of God | Ressurexit 
       Time: 50'


ii. The Glory of God
iv. The Son of God
v. The Mercy of God
vi. The Throne Room of God
vii. The Resurrection of God

"Comfort Ye My People" FROM 
  The Return of the Messiah

     0202 - 2*310 - timp - harpsi - str - SATB choir 
      Time: 6'

Comfort Ye My People

"Crucify: The Lamb of God" 
     2 Violins | Viola | Cello | Organ | Piano | SATB Choir | Solo Soprano
ernative: Piano + Choir + Solo Soprano
      Time: 8'

Crucify: The Lamb of God

Vocal Solo

Magnificat: "Mary's Wildest Dream"
Piano  ] Cello ] Soprano or Mezzo  (Optional addition: organ)
      Time: 5'

Mary's Wildest Dreams
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