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Along with her four other siblings, Maria began playing trumpet at age four  - participating in her first concert band competition, and marching her first marching band show before she could read the titles of the pieces. Playing through missing her front teeth, and leading sections of colleagues much older than herself, Maria, along with her family, quickly became known as the "trumpet playing family" of Saskatchewan. Since then, half of her siblings have studied at the prestigious Eastman School of Music with Professor James Thompson, have received top awards in National and International Competitions, and teach/play in professional symphonies.  Their family ensemble is nicknamed, Fuller Brass.

By age 15, Maria had won first place for 16-and-under-brass for three years, and had received the highest mark in the province of Saskatchewan for her Royal Conservatory of Music examinations twice. She sat principal chair of the SMEA Honour Band every year she was in it, as well as the University of Regina Honour Band, when she was not sitting second to her older sister, Natalie. She played in the South Saskatchewan Youth Orchestra for 6 years, the Edmonton Youth Orchestra for one year, toured in Europe, and then did secondary studies on the instrument at the McGill University, as she worked on a BMUS in piano. Fuller has played with the Regina Symphony Orchestra, and Thunder Bay Symphony, 
Maria continues to perform on request, as a freelancer, in the Saskatchewan Roughrider Pep Band, the Thunder Bay Symphony, and other ensembles.
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