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Fuller to Represent North America in International Conducting Competition

I was invited to compete in my first conducting competition this fall! I have now been a conductor for just over two years, and am thrilled to be the representative of North America, in Paris, France. It is called, La Maestra International Conducting Competition for Female Conductors, and this is the inaugural year. Twelve candidates were chosen from a pool of 230 contestants, representing 51 countries. I look so very forward to meeting the incredible other women, and representing North America.

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Maria— i’m so grateful to hear that you’ll be having that marvelous opportunity at the competition in Paris. I met you last summer at Chautauqua, after one of your rehearsals with the student orchestra. And I loved attending many of your conducting performances. I’m keeping an eye on you, and wishing you all the best. I studied piano in Paris in the early 70s, so it’s a favorite place of mine. I know you will do well there!swellw

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