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Maria had not only begun to compose at age eight, but had won her first award as a composer from the Last Mountain Times Music Festival, in Saskatchewan, Canada. The piano piece, performed by herself, was titled, "A Walk in the Woods," and began with Maria reciting her story about a little girl who got lost in a forest, stubbed her toe, and woke up realizing it had all been a dream. Ever pushed by the plaguing thought that Mozart would have composed far more in much less time,  a very young Maria anxiously returned home to continue writing. Even before she can remember, and certainly before she read music, Maria had  been an improviser, eager to play on the piano everything she heard on the TV or radio. Recently, after nearly two decades of musical energy exerted elsewhere,  this burning desire to compose was expressed through her piece, "RESOLUTION," written in 2016. In February, the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra will premier her first Oratorio.
Fractals No. 1 "RESOLUTION" for solo trumpet, piano, and string orchestra, is her comeback to the art form. It has been performed at various occasions at the College-Conservatory of Music, as well as at the Chautauqua Institute by the Summer Music Festival Orchestra last August, and by the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra.

Maria now composes for a variety of musical configurations including symphonic, sonatas, chorus anthems and religious works as well as art song.  Her choral, symphonic, and piano arrangements of gospels and Christmas carols have been gaining recognition. She is commissioned by the St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Cincinnati, OH, and her symphonic varies show: "Holiday Pops Around the World" which is comprised of her own arrangements, is gaining recognition and stage time across Canada.
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Composition Prize

Fractals No. 1 "RESOLUTION" was awarded 2nd Prize at the "Women Composing For Trumpet Competition" this year. It is available for piano and trumpet or for piano, trumpet, and string accompaniment. To purchase, contact: