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Maria not only begun to compose at age eight, but had won her first award as a composer from the Last Mountain Times Music Festival, in Saskatchewan, Canada. The piano piece, performed by herself, was titled, "A Walk in the Woods," and began with the recitation of her story about a little girl who got lost in a forest, stubbed her toe, and woke up realizing it had all been a dream. Ever pushed by the plaguing idea that Mozart would have composed far more in much less time, a very young Maria anxiously returned home to continue writing. Before she would read words, Maria had  been an improviser, eager to play on the piano what she heard on the TV or radio.

At the time of her appointment as a conductor, Maria turned back to composing. She has since been awarded as a composer, and as 
an arranger her music is performed by orchestras across Canada. Maria composes and arranges in a New Baroque style, which fuses cinematic/film score sound with the Baroque and Classical styles. Her orchestral variety show, “Holiday Pops Around the World,” features 14 countries and is sung in 7 languages. Her holiday arrangements have been performed by the Saskatoon, Thunder Bay, and Winnipeg symphonies. Maira looks to premier her first Oratorio, “Portraits of the Living God Almighty,” in the coming season.